Thursday, March 24, 2011

Have you read English Now n°55?

Issue 55 of English Now magazine is in the newsstands! (Of course, it's also available from our website.) English Now is different from any other language learning magazine in that it its articles are written specifically for French-speakers learning English who are at beginner to intermediate level.

Each page has keywords translated into French. No need for a dictionary here - we've done it for you. Also, the feature articles are available in CD format with 60+ minutes of audio read by native English speakers from Britain, the US and Australia to help the learner tune their ear to different accents.

So what's in this issue?

- learn about the famous British sense of humour!
- prepare for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.
- get key vocabulary for talking about your family.
- find out how the Britons and Americans are alike – and how they are different!
- read about expressions of length and area.
- get key phrases for requesting time off.
- learn about Sarah Palin.
- meet a modern-day knight, a beekeeper and a sushi chef.
- learn the most annoying words in the English language.
- keep up-to-date on the latest news from English-speaking countries.
- acquire vocabulary for the dinner table.
- test your comprehension with exercises!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NEW issue of Bien-dire magazine is here!

Bien-dire n°75
mars-avril 2011

Jetez-vous à l’eau !

Chez les libraires français
Le vocabulaire de 2011
Prenons le TER !
Réserver une chambre d’hôte
Carrefour, histoire d’une réussite
Accros aux jeux, les Français ?
Les interjections
L’Assemblée nationale et le Sénat
Le monde du travail en France

Bien-dire is a magazine that is written for you, and remains the only magazine written and created in France for learners of French. Order this issue and its audio CD from Language Routes (prices in $) or from Editions Entrefilet (prices in €)