Friday, March 20, 2009

Celebrate French!

Today is the day to celebrate the French language! The annual celebration takes place around the globe in the 70 member countries of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie. Join the party!

A few figures from La Francophonie dans le monde 2006-2007:
* 128 million Francophones: speak French (as a native or adopted language) fluently and use it on a regular basis.

* 72 million "partiel" Francophones: live in a francophone country but do not speak French regularly, due to limited knowledge.

* 100-110 million students of all ages: do not live in a francophone country, but have learned/are learning French in order to communicate with Francophones.

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Click here for a list of 25 events planned across the US to celebrate French today. If there's not one near you, why not host your own? Invite your francophile friends over for apƩritifs this evening.

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