Friday, May 22, 2009

Reviewed in Paris by Design

No one knows Paris better than those who have lived in its arrondissements. Karen Kane, owner of Paris by Design, draws on her intimate knowledge of Paris and her love of the city to create specialized, one-of-a-kind trips to Paris.

"As a former Paris resident, I'm committed to helping you see French culture through the eyes of someone who has lived there," she explains. "I'll introduce you to parts of the city you might otherwise miss. I'll share the secrets that only years of exploration and study can reveal."

Each month, subscribers to the Paris by Design newsletter are treated to an insider's look at culture topics, reviews of books and films featuring Paris, and a special section of reader submissions called Discovered Pleasures. In the May 2009 newsletter,one of the Discovered Pleasures is the 6-page travel feature on the Marais in issue 64 (May/June) of Bien-dire magazine.
"This Découverte article covers history, must-see locations, restaurants and accommodations, and special suggestions for music-lovers and Sunday visitors. The accompanying CD has articles read by native French speakers on news, current events, keywords and dialogues for practical situations such as having an apéro with friends and asking for directions. "Je cherche la Place des Vosges, s’il vous plaît !"
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