Friday, August 14, 2009

Unanswered Questions

I'd like to thank and welcome everyone who has registered for our new forums on speaking French, Spanish and English. However, to many of you, I have to say one thing: Don't be shy!

We've had some great posts and interactions, beginning with a fun discussion of "chansons retros" on the French forum that had me bouncing around Youtube listening to Charles Trenet (a great new discovery for me) and, of course, Charles Aznavour. Andrew then asked for some assistance with how to say "Just browsing" in French, and thanks to those of you who provided help.

But we have a member who has been left hanging: La petite Americaine is planning a trip to France this fall, and is looking for some suggestions for interesting and affordable destinations. Personally, I'd suggest Lyon for its architecture, people and incredible cuisine, but I bet there are many of you out there with strong opinions on this subject. Once again, don't be shy!

Vee posted a query on which of the many Spanish dialects is the best to learn. With some help from Lyon and a bit of research I found that Standard (or Neutral) Spanish, which is a hybrid of European and American Spanish, is the most commonly taught form (and is also used in our Hispanica Esencial audio learning guides).

Vincent christened our English forum with an incredibly inspiring post that really should be read. Let me just say that all of the challenges he is taking on at age 49 have me feeling a lot less daunted about learning French at 43.

Bon-weekend, everyone! I hope to see you on the forums, and I'll be back early next week with a preview of Bien-dire issue no. 66.

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