Saturday, September 26, 2009

Extra, extra!

Issue 46 of English Now magazine is hot off the press!

In this issue:
- improve vocabulary for ordering in a restaurant.
- learn about applying for a job in English.
- read about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.
- find out how Britons and Americans spend their money.
- see the differences between UK and US spelling.
- learn keywords and phrases for food in the refrigerator.
- learn about Broadway theatre in New York City.
- discover a new side of London through day trips!

For whom is English Now written?
Our international team of language specialists designed this 52-page magazine for French-speakers wanting to improve their English in an enjoyable way. The magazine is full of interesting articles on the language and culture in the UK, US and other English-speaking countries. Click here to view sample pages from a recent issue.

Each article has keywords translated into French. You'll acquire idiomatic expressions and up-to-date vocabulary, receive news and practical information, and even learn some slang. For advanced beginner and intermediate learners, English Now is also valuable, authentic teaching material for teachers. The English Now CD (optional) includes over 60 minutes of articles from the magazine read by native speakers as well as pronunciation and intonation exercises. Click here to listen to an MP3 sample.

Short, varied articles that are specially written for language learners and an attractive layout make the magazines an enjoyable and stimulating read. The audio component, using native speakers, helps complete the language learning experience.
* varied, specially written articles
* different language levels
* keyword translations
* attractive layout
* stimulating language activities
* modern, idiomatic language
* cultural background information
Published every two months, English Now is a complete and enjoyable English learning experience. English Now magazine has subscribers in over 40 countries.

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