Monday, February 14, 2011

Have you read English Now n°54?

Issue 54 of English Now magazine is in the newsstands across France! (Of course, it's also available from our website.) English Now is different from any other language learning magazine in that it its articles are written specifically for French-speakers learning English who are at beginner to intermediate level.

Each page has keywords translated into French. No need for a dictionary here - we've done it for you. Also, the feature articles are available in CD format with 60+ minutes of audio read by native English speakers from Britain, the US and Australia to help the learner tune their ear to different accents.

So what's in this issue?

- celebrate Valentine’s Day like the British and Americans.
- learn about the best London pubs and pub history.
- explore an American living room.
- get key vocabulary for greeting a visitor.
- read about expressions of quantity.
- test your knowledge of pub grub.
- learn about Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.
- meet a consulting fashion director, juggling brothers and a veterinarian.
- keep up-to-date on the latest news from English-speaking countries.
- acquire vocabulary for going to the post office.
- learn to play a game with pub signs.
- test your comprehension with exercises!

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