Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Learning French is easy...

...according to The Sketch Show's Mary Lynn Rajskub.

Although I wouldn't recommend her technique for learning languages, I do think it's important to keep an element of humour and fun in the learning process.

There comes a point when verb conjugations and grammar lessons just won't cut it anymore. Try freshening your approach with new material, such as the French Expressions or Authentically French audio learning guides. As you acquire new expressions and learn when and how to use them, you'll also be picking up verb tenses and vocabulary.

Think outside le box.


  1. One of the best ways to learn french is through music. I suggest listening to some nice french music, and here is my favorite french indie song

  2. Merci!

    Does anyone else have music recommendations to share with us language learners?

  3. If you want I can make a youtube playlist of some good ones. You can also look up le cafe on youtube. It is a fantastic song by oldelof.

    Also you can aim me salamndstron if you ever want to see what I am listening to at the moment =)