Thursday, April 30, 2009

As easy as uno, dos, tres!

The reality that language learners know is that mastering numbers can actually be quite challenging. Far more than just counting to ten (or even one hundred), you need to be able to quickly understand appointment dates, meeting times, addresses, phone numbers, prices, hotel room numbers - not to mention numbers for buses, flights, trains and platforms!

The good news: we've tackled the challenge for you.

Language Routes is pleased to introduce its newest audio learning guide, Los Números, available today on our website.

This Spanish audio learning guide starts with the basics and helps you build your way up to understanding and using numbers in everyday situations. The dialogues will flex your comprehension abilities while the listen and repeat exercises improve your pronunciation and intoniation.

Los Números truly makes it as easy as uno, dos, tres! Click here to find out more about this CD and booklet.

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