Friday, April 17, 2009

Hey bébé, what's your name?

The popular baby names around the globe in 2009 aren't the same as those you hear at the playground in the US. (Who knew that when Ross and Rachel named their baby Emma it would spread across the globe like Nutella on a hot day?)

Here are some of the most popular bébé names in France at the moment.

Garçon: Lucas, Enzo, Nathan, Mathis, Thomas/Tom, Théo, Hugo, Maxime, Raphaël, Louis

Fille: Clara, Inès, Chloé, Léa, Camille, Lilou, Emma, Océane, Maëlys, Manon

In Spain…

Niño: Alejandro, Daniel, Pablo, David, Adrian, Javier, Alvaro, Sergio, Carlos, Marcos

Niña: Lucia, Marla, Paula, Laura, Marta, Alba, Claudia, Carla, Andrea, Sara

And in Germany…

Jungen: Leon, Maximilian, Alexander, Lukas/Lucas, Paul, Luca, Tim, Felix, David, Elias

Mädchen: Marie, Sophie/Sofie, Maria, Anna/Anne, Leonie, Lena, Emily, Johanna, Laura, Lea/Leah

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