Friday, April 10, 2009

Today's itsy-bitsy Hungarian lesson

5 Hungarian words you didn't know you knew

From 'kocsi', a horse-drawn wagon with springs above the axles. Named after the village of Kocs in which this type of vehicle was invented.

From 'ici-pici', meaning tiny.

From 'paprika', a spice made out of ground hot or mild red peppers.

Paprika at the Grand Market Hall (Nagyvasarcsarnok) in Budapest, Hungary

From the Hungarian word 'szablya' for sword. The word made its way into English through French (sabre, sable) and German (Säbel). The Hungarian verb 'szabni' means to slice or to tailor.

Supposedly a Hungarian invention, its name in many languages was derived from the Hungarian 'szappan': soap, Seife, savon, jabon, etc.

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