Sunday, April 4, 2010

American teenager slang

Today we celebrate our 100th post and also welcome our newest blogger, Abigail. She's a 17-year-old American student who has grown up in France. So she's perfectly bilingual as well as bicultural. We've asked her to give some tips for French-speakers on American teenager slang.

Thinking about visiting the US soon? If you do, you may be surprised to hear some of the slang language used by American teenagers nowadays. Here’s a list to help you navigate your way around:

-Sweet: (sucré) Used to show appreciation or amazement by something, can be used instead of “cool”.

-Wicked: (vilain) Used in the same way as ‘sweet’, when something is amazing.

-Dude: (mec) A way of designing one another, can be applied to both sexes, although generally with guys. It is one of the words used most often in this list.

-Awesome: (génial) Also used very often among teenagers, same connotation as ‘sweet’ and ‘wicked’.

-Sick: (malade) When something inspires so much awe there is nothing left to say, the teenager might say ‘sick’. Often used in a negative way. Examples might include talking aboutextreme sports, insects, or in general anything scary or frightening.

-Nasty: (dégueu) Used when talking about something disgusting, mainly in the same contexts as ‘sick’.

-Pumped: (excité(e)) Said when the person is looking forward to something that is going to happen and can’t wait.

So, are you pumped about American slang, dude?

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