Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rule 1: Smile!

Many people are surprised by the open, friendly attitudes of Americans when they go to the United States.

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In order to enjoy your time in the United States to the fullest, it is important to understand our basic sociological codes of conduct. In the US, it is not uncommon to greet a stranger you pass in the street with a friendly “Hello!” and a warm smile.

When you talk with an American and he or she notices that you are from another country, you can expect them to strike up a conversation with you. They may ask “Is the food in France really as good as they say it is?”, “What’s your favorite region in Germany?” or “What do you most enjoy about the United States so far?”. Be ready to chat about this and that, from current events to food to the weather. This called 'making small talk' and it is something Americans love to do.

Also, pay attention to these simple guidelines:
1) Smile!
2) Speaking loudly does not mean the person is angry - it's just how we do it in America.
3) Give compliments.

And don’t forget to enjoy yourself! The more you relax, the more comfortable you will be. If you have question, just ask.

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